FNAC Soft Tissues-Endometriosis

Clinical picture: In 36 y.o. woman it is performer an US-guided FNAC of a round nodular lesion, localized in pericicatriceal region (a history of cesarean section), at the level of anterior abdominal wall and in proximity to the rectus abdominis muscle. Cytologic picture:  On a background of mucus and eritrocytes it is abundant cellular population Read more about FNAC Soft Tissues-Endometriosis[…]

Amyloid birifrangence under polarized light (Congo Red stain).

Amyloidosis is a rare disease that results from accumulation of inappropriately folded proteins. These misfolded proteins are called amyloids. When proteins that are normally soluble in water fold to become amyloids, they become insoluble and deposit in organs or tissues, disrupting normal function.[2][3] The type of protein that is misfolded and the organ or tissue in which the misfolded proteins are deposited determines Read more about Amyloid birifrangence under polarized light (Congo Red stain).[…]