FNAC Soft Tissues-Endometriosis

Clinical picture: In 36 y.o. woman it is performer an US-guided FNAC of a round nodular lesion, localized in pericicatriceal region (a history of cesarean section), at the level of anterior abdominal wall and in proximity to the rectus abdominis muscle. Cytologic picture:  On a background of mucus and eritrocytes it is abundant cellular population Read more about FNAC Soft Tissues-Endometriosis[…]

Parinaud’s nevus.

Cytological picture: One of cytological smears is characterized by rich polymorphous cellular infiltrate consisting of small cells with round to oval hyperchromatic nuclei and scant basophylic cutoplasm. The second cellular population is represented by epithelial cells with squamous metaplasia and focal intracytoplasmic secretions. Atypical cells are absent. Cytological diagnosis: Epithelio-cystic nevus of the conjunctiva. (Parinaud’s nevus). Read more about Parinaud’s nevus.[…]

Bronchogenic Cervical Cyst

Clinical Findings : A 39-yr-old man with nodular painless mass in the anterior paratracheal region of the neck. This lesion was present for several months and at ultrasonography it suggested a bronchogenic cyst. Cytological features (Fig.1-3): In the background of clear serous material, are present non atypical ciliated columnar cells and degenerative fragments of cytoplasm, some Read more about Bronchogenic Cervical Cyst[…]